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Help error code

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What does dash code eo f mean???
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Idk it has a full tank of gas and is still reading that code. If I try to switch to clock or trip it goes right back to that? Maybe I have a bad sensor or something.
Right after fueling it stays in the fuel mode if you don't reset it. Cannot remember the procedure since I just wait for the bike to do it automagically after X miles. Best guess is that you hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds. I use Trip #1 for individual ride miles and Trip #2 to track the mileage between tanks and MPG. Reset #2 after filling up and away I go.
Currently MPG sucks because I just got it out of winter storage and cannot keep from twisting the throttle :)

If yours keeps switching back then yes one of the sensors is stuck or bad. Maybe/hopefully it'll correct itself...
And, yes, others have had the low fuel sequence not work correctly. Test it close to home and always rely more on the odometer reading than a gauge or at least in conjunction.
Even bone dry she weighs over 600lbs :(
did you see Daryl just reach down and put the kick stand down with his hand! nice bike!
Mikoloe, what are you talking about and who is Daryl? :confused::confused:

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