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Help me if you can?

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Hey Guys. Maybe you can help? Got to do something with the low mounts and floor boards on my wife' s V Star 950. She is intimidated by this bike now because as you know she bottomed them out on a corner and wrecked. I've noticed by pictures of V star 1300 and Silverados Custom Classics exe, their floorboard mounts do not protrude below the frame like they do on the 950. Does anyone know if they can be changed?
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Dang Toby!! The Wife OK??
toby said:
SFCMcGan said:
Dang Toby!! The Wife OK??
Ya she is fine now. It happened 5 weeks ago she got a fat lip bruised arm and a gamed thumb on her throttle hand. The bike is ok to. She gorilla taped the wind shield together put the tern-signal back together. I bent the shifter back and use blue duct tape on the head light bucket to match the paint. If it wasn't for the tap and the dent in the tank you wouldn't n know it went down. We had it back together in 3 hrs and the next day took of for a 400 mile weekend ride. Shes a tough one. I'll bondo the tank and order a paint kit and a new shield and head light bucket and she'll be good as new. But my wife wont be good as new till we change those low hanging floorboard mounts. Not sure what to do with them yet cause there is so much stuff mounted on the right side. Rear break master cylinder, break lever, horn exe, Looks like major relocation job.
[/quote]Dropping a bike always sucks!! You can replace everything except the rider! I am glad she is OK!!
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