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Help me if you can?

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Hey Guys. Maybe you can help? Got to do something with the low mounts and floor boards on my wife' s V Star 950. She is intimidated by this bike now because as you know she bottomed them out on a corner and wrecked. I've noticed by pictures of V star 1300 and Silverados Custom Classics exe, their floorboard mounts do not protrude below the frame like they do on the 950. Does anyone know if they can be changed?
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Hi Toby, glad to hear she's ok after that knock. From what you saying seems to me it was more a chain of events such as new and differnt machine, nerves, concentration slip, lean angle, pot hole, compressed suspension, floorboard location etc which caused the hook-up leading to the fall. I don't think it was too much to do singly with the position of the board, although, sure it was one of the links in the chain of events. Remove any one or more of the links and it could have had a different outcome like if there was no pothole, likely no hook-up. Moving the boards may lessen the likelyhood of a repeat and will do a lot for confidence as well but may be quiet costly. I think you have the right attitude by addressing as many of the other links in the chain as possible which likely are not costly, such as builing experience, concentration, riding style and so on by breaking the chain of events which are there in almost every incident we can lessen the likelyhood of a bad outcome. Regards from a 30C and sunny Durban RSA.
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