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Help me if you can?

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Hey Guys. Maybe you can help? Got to do something with the low mounts and floor boards on my wife' s V Star 950. She is intimidated by this bike now because as you know she bottomed them out on a corner and wrecked. I've noticed by pictures of V star 1300 and Silverados Custom Classics exe, their floorboard mounts do not protrude below the frame like they do on the 950. Does anyone know if they can be changed?
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SFCMcGan said:
Dang Toby!! The Wife OK??
[/quote]Ya she is fine now. It happened 5 weeks ago she got a fat lip bruised arm and a gamed thumb on her throttle hand. The bike is ok to. She gorilla taped the wind shield together put the tern-signal back together. I bent the shifter back and use blue duct tape on the head light bucket to match the paint. If it wasn't for the tap and the dent in the tank you wouldn't n know it went down. We had it back together in 3 hrs and the next day took of for a 400 mile weekend ride. Shes a tough one. I'll bondo the tank and order a paint kit and a new shield and head light bucket and she'll be good as new. But my wife wont be good as new till we change those low hanging floorboard mounts. Not sure what to do with them yet cause there is so much stuff mounted on the right side. Rear break master cylinder, break lever, horn exe, Looks like major relocation job.
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annubissl said:
scary stuff man. glad to know your wife is ok. if you do manage to find a solution to the problem please let me know.
Solutions to this problem will be as follows, First and foremost will be more riding time and instructions from me, as I have showed her this bike can be road hard without scraping the boards even with the both of us on it. We made it down this nasty mountain road in 45 minutes normally it takes more than hr.an So the best solution is to develop the right riding style for this bike. Then I will adjust the rear shock dampener up a couple notches and a larger rear tire for starters. Then on one forum someone added spacers to the front springs. Then they trimmed the bottom of the mount even with the bottom of the frame at a angle up towards the floorboard instead of the strait across then up that starts a 1/2 below the bottom of the frame. They said that did not compromise the integrity of the mount. These are all in- expensive fixes. Especially teaching her how to ride this bike. It is completely different from the way she learned on the old Virago. She is already getting better and more confident and has not scraped the boards in a while. She now really enjoys riding this bike cause it is a awesome cruiser. Oh and might I ad the one thing that started the chain of events that led to her crash was she took her focus of the road for a fraction of a second and you can't do that on this road no matter what you are driving.
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Ya it was driver error that started the chain of events that lead up to her crash. She took her eyes of the road and hit a large pot hole into the tern that I have watched her avoid in the past. That and the fact that at that time she had only 1,000 miles of riding experience and that was on a 100 pound lighter bike that is so much higher off the ground that even I couldn't get the pegs to scrape if I wonted them to. You have to ride different styles of bikes different. For example, you can't ride a cruiser on corners like you would a sport bike. And any newbie hasn't developed the ability to think and see 5 to 10 steps, ( corners), ahead and cut the corners or straiten the corners out if you will, so you don't lean as much. I'm sure you guys now what I'm talking about hear cause we all were newbies once upon a time. Some of us maybe 65 million years ago. lol. But any way that's about the best I can ex-plane it. Hope you guys get a better picture now to clear up what it was you did not understand
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StrykenShane said:
Yeah, well gladly she came thru it ok, best part is she got back on the bike and rode again, lots of folks give it up after the 1st fall
Ya she is is a tough girl got more balls than some guys I now.lol. But she has taken worse dumps of her horse in the past and I think that was part of the problem she was use to the fact that if you looked over you shoulder on a horse it would still look out for obstacles for you and avoid them lol.
BryanP said:
Hi Toby, glad to hear she's ok after that knock. From what you saying seems to me it was more a chain of events such as new and differnt machine, nerves, concentration slip, lean angle, pot hole, compressed suspension, floorboard location etc which caused the hook-up leading to the fall. I don't think it was too much to do singly with the position of the board, although, sure it was one of the links in the chain of events. Remove any one or more of the links and it could have had a different outcome like if there was no pothole, likely no hook-up. Moving the boards may lessen the likelyhood of a repeat and will do a lot for confidence as well but may be quiet costly. I think you have the right attitude by addressing as many of the other links in the chain as possible which likely are not costly, such as builing experience, concentration, riding style and so on by breaking the chain of events which are there in almost every incident we can lessen the likelyhood of a bad outcome. Regards from a 30C and sunny Durban RSA.
Absolutely. She is already doing much better just with the added concentration And riding time and familiarity with the bike. I feel blessed to have a woman in my life that also is a riding partner that isn't just a [email protected]@ch that I pick up and put on the back of my bike once and a while. lol. And also isn't afraid to tern a wrench and get greasy. Gota love it.
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