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HELP PLEASE with Garage door Remote

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I’m doing the garage door remote mod that many of you have done; push button mounted onto the right handlebar housing, wires running down to hidden keychain remote.
Q: where do I solder the 2 wires on the remote?
This remote has 3 push buttons. The 1 button programed to my door is on the far right, I’ve drawn a red arrow to that button.
Please advise where I attach wires.

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That looks exactly like my Chamerblain that I just fabbed for mine. Start out by testing the remote. Touch the two contacts together (delineated by green arrows) with a metal wire. If the garage door activates then you know you have the right contacts. Then add wires and solder to the button like so. Test by pressing the button. Hope you have a steady hand! Though for a videographer I expect no less ;)


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sdsting said:
You may be kraaazy but you are SPOT ON with your directions, they were perfect. Mod is done! That was some very delicate soldering..
Thanks again Mike.
My pleasure! I do have to say that out of all the mods on my bike, this is one of my favorites ;D
I got mine at my local electronics store. We have RadioShack around my parts.
sdsting said:
elrafa82 said:
Where did you guys buy those switches for the remote? I liked the one with the black button interested in doing the mod myself.
I purchased the small key-chain remote at Home Depot, make sure it is compatible with your door opener, and I bought the switch at Radio Shack. I asked if they had the button in any other color than red and the answer was no. I’m considering painting it black, not sure if the paint would hold up though.
LOL I bought my stuff from the same place you did.... stop copying me! :p
Mine is on the frame under the gas tank. I figured if these things work inside cars, it would work here. It does well at 50ft away.
I didn't even see that you put it in the ignition! Shoot I may have to do that!!
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