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Help please

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in order for me to upload signature pix i have to make changes in my signature permissions and i am not sure how to do it?
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I uploaded my sig pix to my own website then just used html code to link to them
you can use the image icon up in the bar above the box that shows your font choices, it is the square with the two hills inside it. click it and give it the url to your image choices... at least that is what I did =)
Ok let me show you what i mean click on user cp then click on edit signature now on the bottom of that page it says signature permissions their are 2 columns the lefthand side on the bottom it says "Allow HTML No" i need to change that to a yes. then the bottom 2 on the right hand column say. "Can Upload Images for Signature No
Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature No" i need to change these also to yes
I do not think we can edit those permissions. They are the same for me. I am assuming they are the same for everyone else. That is why I have my own website where I upload the pix I want to use for my signature, and then I use the html coding function to link to those images. Since my time as a web page builder was very long ago, I just click the 'insert image' icon I told you about which is the little yellow square with 2 hills in it, and input the URL to the files I have uploaded to my own website images directory, and the interface does the rest.
I would think that most of the sigs you see with gifs, animated or otherwise, are images that are linked to and located elsewhere.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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