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I'm installing my v&h big radius and where the pipes meet the exhaust port, there is kind of a gap between the bracket and the head. Not sure if its supposed to be like that or not. I'm guessing it is because the flange nuts are fairly shallow and wouldn't be able to go all the way down the bolt. Anyone have the v&h pipes that can help me out? Here's the pic of what it looks like. Install is almost done....just don't want to go any farther if this isn't right.


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I think mine is like that but i would have to double check??? but i dont think mine is that far apart??? ive heard from other people i know that you want that as close as possible and that the nut that comes stock isnt the best for after market stuff.... Sooo what they did was put on a nut that doesnt have the cap part on it or they looked for something that had a longer cap part.... Hope that made sense lol and reason for that can help avoid popping noise even with programmer installed.....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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