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Here are pictures of my FI2000r closed loop install but i need help/results

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Once you click into the link go to the last picture first and work backwards sorry about that i left comments on all the pictures. I also for got to take a picture but on the back of the tank i just stuck a piece of 2x4 in their to hold up the tank so you have more room to work. helps to have small fingers for this job. All you need for this job or at least what i used are 12mm,10mm socket,philipsheads screwdriver and a long flat screwdriver is what i used to pry up on the left fuel wire while i used my finger to push the tab in. The job its self is pretty straight forward there were only 2 parts i had trouble 1. was trying to unplug the left fuel plug but take your time and you will get it. 2. although this part was not hard i could not believe that on the o2 sensor plug the white plug pushes in but does not click in don't know how it will stay unless i did something wrong maybe just use a zip tie just so it does not come apart. RESULTS i started the bike seem to take a little extra longer to start but i figure thats the mapping trying to adjust. As i road i noticed the hesitation was gone completely no problems 100% solved but my engine light came on don't know why? Maybe some of you who have done this can tell me why. my injector plugs are on i'am wondering if its not the o2 wire came apart? Any help will be appreciated.
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Good to know. I was reading this thread just yesterday.
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