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HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! Look in here i got pictures.

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Here is a link to my pictures of recent add ons of Peg covers,seat,floorboards, lights and i added my own lights inside my cobra air cleaner very easy to do.

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Looks really good. Love the lights.

I took a blow dryer to my horn to get the ugly PIAA sticker off.
Drain hole on the horn seems like a good idea. Fair weather rider here, but there is always
a chance of getting caught in a storm. Just be careful that you go shallow and do not puncture
anything important. The L&M radiator spoiler came with weep holes and I added a few more.
Wouldn't you route the light wiring through the top and then under the tank?

Curious since I am thinking of the same, as well as some lighting along the bottom
edge of my Memphis shades cafe fairing.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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