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HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! Look in here i got pictures.

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Here is a link to my pictures of recent add ons of Peg covers,seat,floorboards, lights and i added my own lights inside my cobra air cleaner very easy to do.

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StrykenShane said:
Which seat is that?
Mustang very comfy for me
StrykenShane said:
How tall are ya buddy, I'm 6'1" and I've heard some of the mustangs put ya a little too far forward, ya got the bike looking great, how did ya get the lights into the intake?
I am 5'6" it's a mustang seat and if it puts me forward its not much i would say just because the padding is thicker so maybe a 1/2 to 1" best guess
Installing lights on the intake is easy, I got my lights from autozone or you could get them from advanced auto parts i used the red lights they only look orange when you install which i thought was cool you need the ones that are 6" in a pack of 2 what you should do first is with cover off wipe the inside of the cover with alcohol in the valley between the 2 front bolt holes.
Now put the front screen in now take 1 of the led's (DO NOT REMOVE THE TAPE YET) and shape it to the air cleaner so that wires exit by the bolt holes. The other end of this should line up with the center of the air cleaner. If you look to the left of the bolt hole you will notice that you can fish your wires through their when your happy with the placement of the led remove the tape and apply. Repeat the process for the other light. Now what i did is ran my bottom wire on the inside of the cover 3/4 the way around then splice and solder these wires to the top led wires then run the wires to the back top of the air cleaner. install air filter and then mount it up, your wire should becoming out the back and on top. At this point just run your wires to a power source i already had lights under my tank to i just tapped into them. REMEMBER! your bike will have to be worked on so maybe connect these lights with spade connectors for easy removal or use posi taps these are reusable
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dliszews said:
Looks really good. Love the lights.

I took a blow dryer to my horn to get the ugly PIAA sticker off.
Yes mine just peeled off after i flipped it may have to drill a 1/16" whole so it does not retain water what do you think
dliszews said:
Drain hole on the horn seems like a good idea. Fair weather rider here, but there is always
a chance of getting caught in a storm. Just be careful that you go shallow and do not puncture
anything important. The L&M radiator spoiler came with weep holes and I added a few more.
I may have to do that cause i 'am adding lights in there too.
dliszews said:
Wouldn't you route the light wiring through the top and then under the tank?

Curious since I am thinking of the same, as well as some lighting along the bottom
edge of my Memphis shades cafe fairing.
The wire comes out the back of the air cleaner and its very easy to run the wire up and attach it to the throttle sensor wire then guide it in between the bottom of the tank and frame coming out by the seat.
Natedog said:
Any issues with the fender rack and the Mustang seat? I still can't beleive they want $150+ for that little thing! :(
No problems at all with either one i like the cleaner look without the passenger seat besides i don't give rides on this bike, i will with my spyder but not this bike.
I don't think i paid that much for it try our venders on here or ebay. I will mostly use the rack for my kuryakyn grand touring bag. I believe the original price was $170.00 but i got mine for $120.00 in a bid war on ebay but found it for $130.00 from different venders.
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