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I'm sure this has been done a million times but I wanted to share my mod with pictures and a brief how-to.

- generic Chinese bullet-type headlight:

- Morimoto Mini H1:

- 55w HID kit with slim ballast:

- JB Weld PlasticWeld
- Paintable Silicone

Here's a pic with everything taken apart. In the center is the reflector housing that I've already trimmed. 9:00 position is an LED halo that I decided against using

Back of the reflector housing that I trimmed with a Dremel

I used JB Weld PlasticWeld to permanently attach the HID projector's shroud to the headlight's reflector housing.

I have never used JB Weld for any of my previous retrofits so I didn't know if I can fully trust it with heat cycles, moisture, vibrations. So on the front side of the reflector housing I used my proven silicone. It is heat resistant, water proof, crack proof, and this version is paintable.

Morimoto Mini H1 screwed onto projector shroud

**** this out of focus picture. Headlight front ready to attach to headlight bucket

Hey, it beats working in the coal mines


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I did this without first disassembling or removing the factory headlight assembly, so I don't know what type of wiring nightmare awaits. I had wanted to search the forum for ideas on mounting the bucket but due to the uncontrolled spam I avoided the site for a few days.

If anyone has any good ideas on ballast placement and a quick and easy bolt-on bracket, I'd appreciate it.

I have an extra Morimoto Mini H1 projector w/ shroud and an extra 55w HID kit if anyone wants to try this at home.
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