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Hid/no sale

Changed my mind.


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Super secret: The motorcycle kit is exactly the same. There are two separate ballasts in your picture and you only have to use one of them. That is the same wire harness that comes with the motorcycle kit. The box on that harness is the relay, not the ballast, and you will have to tie/cut off the extra lead anyway. The two flat, heavy boxes are the ballasts.

Seems to me you could keep the extra ballast and bulb for spare parts. If you sell them and order the motorcycle kit you will be disappointed.
If you want to set up two bikes, all you need is the relay harness that ddm tuning sells for 10 bucks.
If it was me, I'd try it on one bike first and see if you like it. I wasn't that impressed with mine. I put a review up here: http://www.hondashadowgarage.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=tech&action=display&thread=3230

Lot of folks really like them, though, so no reason to take my word on it seeing as you already have the kit.
I think if I was going to install one again, the first thing I'd do is extend the red wire on the relay harness and cut the long lead off. I really just don't like anything about how this kit is laid out. Some day I might just cut all their connectors off and make up something that actually works with a bike.
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