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Living in the most densely populated state (NJ) in the country I want to change the stock horn. I am considering the Stebel Nautilus air horn. It's a 139 decibels. This thing is F--in LOUD. When that person on the phone or texting drifts into my lane or is at the intersection with that blank look on their face, you know the one that looks right through you. I want to hit the switch and make them think that they are about to be swallowed by a tractor trailer. I went back to my dealer I was told that did not carry it but if I bought it on line they would install it. The problem is the dealer told that I would be taking a big risk of screwing up the electrical system of the bike. The horn runs directly off the battery. The horn button only controls a relay which allows power to flow from the battery. Have any of you long time riders, tinkerers and complete rebuild specialist ever had any issues where an after market thing like a horn caused other problems on your bike?
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klarowe said:
By running the horn off a relay you are almost helping the electrical system. The coil of a relay draws very little power to activate. Therefore you are actually drawing less power with a relay than you are with the factory horn. Your main draw is coming directly off the battery so you arent putting any extra 'stress' on the switch or any other part of the circuit.
Exactly! +1. As long as you use the relay it's 100% safe for the bike. I had one for three years on my last bike that worked great until the day I sold the bike.
Hivolt said:
Thanks everyone. I do have an electrical background and it did not make any sense to me. The dealer also told me that other mods such as replacing stock blinkers and tail lights with LEDs was bad for the bike. Again I don't see how because LEDs draw less current then the stock stuff.
Sounds like your dealer is trying to dissuade you from voiding the electrical warranty. Or he finds them ugly and tells you this so you won't get them. Either way, LED's wont harm the bike when fused properly.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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