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Got my SPIKE AIR INTAKE back from a powder coating shop!!! Looks Sick As F**K!!!

Let me know what you guys think?? I Might go back to just a black gloss????

Ill get better pictures in the sunlight!!!
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Ronin said:
You should put some LEDs in there. Looks great
I was thinking that, but im afraid of the LED light getting sucked into the intake lol ill have to rig something up like Nyjol did to his
dejablu110 said:
Yeah and paint the filter RED.......I put lights in mine and painted the filter red but mine is a simple coil cover.
That looks awesome wolf
How did you put lights in yours Deja??? And what is it i should paint red?? the whole filter inside?? wouldnt that hurt the performance and clog up the filter????
UrbanRage said:
WLF!! It looks sick, but you know would be better.... PICTURES OF IT ON BIKE!!!!!!! :p
I hear you on that Rage lol... Im waiting on my L&M Adapter... Hopefully by next week???
Frag said:
Just for the science ... how much it cost you to get that done!?
I got a great deal on it..... Sshhhhh... what would you have paid for something like that???
Fujums said:
I saw a post somewhere where someone dyed the filter a different color. That probably wouldn't affect functionality and could give you what you're looking for.
Interesting??? A lil to much for me though... i think the color the filter comes in is plenty enough???? What i want to know is how to put a RED LED light in this badboy!!!!! Ill c if Nyjol Chimes in on this note ??? lol
dejablu110 said:
Yes if you notice I did say mine is a coil cover.......dye would probably work but as for the LED mine are double side taped inside.
Im really interested in the LED and Coil cover..... if you got the time can u let me know how you did it up for the intake and where u got that coil cover
dejablu110 said:
Yes if you notice I did say mine is a coil cover.......dye would probably work but as for the LED mine are double side taped inside.
What type of LED did u put in their??? Strip or single?? wouldnt some oils get to the 3m tape and cause it to loosen up???
dejablu110 said:
Im thinking if you got those low profile strips to stick in there, it may be better
than what I used. Lower profile, less chance of collecting oild.....but you will have
to take the filter off here and there to recharge so keep an eye on the LEDs each
**** recharge???? I dont think i can keep up with that lol.... thinking more in the lines of connecting it to my batt???? like what Nyjol did???? but I tried putting an LED light inside it and it doesnt really shine that much????
Haaa **** i didnt know that lol what a dumb ass of me lol
Straightjacket said:
Are you planning on bedazzling more of your bike? ;D
Haaa!!! Does it reall look that bad???
I need some critical input bro!!! no hard feelings lol..... im trying to get her ready for an import car show thats in 3 weeks!!!!
Straightjacket said:
Na, totaly just messin with ya! More like stripper dust ;)
Haaaa punk a$$ lol..... Im thinking of going with a powdercoat black gloss??? screw it??? ill just keep it the same for now????
dejablu110 said:
I used a laser black on my wheels and it is cool
Laser Black.... Sounds cool lol its a rattle can rite??? or powder coat?
1 - 13 of 29 Posts
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