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Got my SPIKE AIR INTAKE back from a powder coating shop!!! Looks Sick As F**K!!!

Let me know what you guys think?? I Might go back to just a black gloss????

Ill get better pictures in the sunlight!!!
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WLFPAK65 said:
dejablu110 said:
Im thinking if you got those low profile strips to stick in there, it may be better
than what I used. Lower profile, less chance of collecting oild.....but you will have
to take the filter off here and there to recharge so keep an eye on the LEDs each
**** recharge???? I dont think i can keep up with that lol.... thinking more in the lines of connecting it to my batt???? like what Nyjol did???? but I tried putting an LED light inside it and it doesnt really shine that much????
;) The recharge is meant for the filter. Needs to be cleaned and reoiled once a year.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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