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How many miles out of Bridgestones?

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I see by pictures that a lot of you guys still have Bridgestones on your bikes with a lot of tread left. Wondering how many miles you got on them and/or if you have replaced them with stock tires? I have 3,000 miles on mine and it has way to much wear on it. I doubt I will get 2,000 more off it.
I see Old#7 has put an Avon on his. And one other guy has put a Metzler on his. I have put Metzlers on both of my other bikes. I would like to put Metzlers on my Stryker but they don't make a 250 for the rear. And the next size up from 240 is 260 and that I think someone said is to large to lower it which i would like to do in the future.
If I could get a little feed back and opinions here on tires and mileage exe. it would be appreciated.
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I have 3100 on the stock tire... hardly any wear at all...
Toby said:
SFCMcGan said:
I have 3100 on the stock tire... hardly any wear at all...
What setting do you have your rear shock on? wondering if that makes a difference? I had mine adjusted to the softest setting early on because of the rough roads I ride on.
Whatever setting it came from the dealer with... truthfully... I have not given it a thought... it is perfect for 2up riding, so I never looked.
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