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How to properly tie-down a Stryker?

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After a long wait, I finally got a chance to pick up an enclosed trailer. A good buddy of mine and I both went halves and found a nice enclosed 6 x 12 a couple hours away. We went for a drive and it ended up being a little dirty, but in overall great condition for the price ($1100)

We went out and picked up 2 harbor freight wheel chocks with the full craddle (hold the bike up to easily be able to strap it down). I actually have to modify mine slightly because the Stryker front wheel is too big and the cradle doesn't allow it to sit on the ground.

Anyways, what is the best way to strap down the Stryker. With my R6, I used a canyon dancer handlebar tie-down and strapped the front down until the front forks were fully compressed. Some said this was the best way, but to me it seemed like it was putting a lot of stress on the fork seals. I would prefer a way to strap it down that didn't put stress on the forks / seals.

So, how do you properly tie down a Stryker???
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I use a canyon dancer type strap on the handlebars and compress the forks maybe half way. You never want to compress fully because it can blow out the fork seals . I also strap around the passenger peg mounting brackets just to stop the rear end from bouncing around. I also just picked up a locking front wheel chock.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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