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PCV and Autotune How To:

Here’s a quick how to for using the Autotune for your Power Commander V (PCV) which will work on all raiders 08-current.

A. In this how to I’m assuming that you’ve installed the PCV and Autotune correctly and are using the wide band o2 sensor which is required for the autotune to work. For instructions see Power Commanders’ site (linked in next section)

B. Important links
a. Power Commander http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/default.aspx
b. Downloads http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/Downloads/Default.aspx
c. Power Commander raider page http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/powercommander_v.aspx?mk=15&mdl=200&yr=2009

C. Important tips and notes:
a. Ride for a sufficient time to get a good map. This means changes of less than 5% in your trim table. If you have more than a couple of cells that aren’t less then 5%..you have more riding to do. I think I had 5 cells total that were over 5% and 3 of those were due to air reversion. I totaled 300 miles before trimming.
b. During your initial rides before trimming try to prevent air reversion (that weird sucking and popping sound from the pipes on decel) by not using the motor/gearing for braking. Simply pull your clutch and use the brakes. This is a bit counter intuitive for riding but will result in a better first trim.
c. Make sure you don’t trim your maps more than once or twice. It causes undesirable effects, particularly really rich cells where air reversion commonly occur.
d. Don’t willy-nilly accept trim changes. Examine each cell to see what’s occurring. Anything above 5% change is likely not complete and anything over say 12% is likely due to air reversion. If you repeatedly accept trim changes without examining them you’ll end up with very rich AFR tables….not good.
e. Manually adjust your cells if needed (explained below).
f. Air reversion – refers to air coming up the exhaust pipe and screwing up the reading of the wide band o2 sensor. Air reversion can also cause popping and backfiring and occurs with greater frequency in shorter exhaust pipes.

D. Install the PCV software to your PC-based laptop using the supplied USB connector.

E. Go to Power Commanders website and download the all map pack http://www.powercommander.com/downloads/22-013/maps/m22-013-all.exe
a. At the same time open word or notepad and copy down the names of the maps that are available. You’ll need the numbers to find your starting map. The current numbers are:
M22-013-000 Zero map
M22-013-001 Stock exhaust, stock air filter
M22-013-002 Mortons Custom Cycle Raider Drag Pipes , Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-003 Mortons Custom Cycle Raider Drag Pipes , Mortons Custom Cycle Raider Air Kit
M22-013-004 Cobra Speedster Swept exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-005 Road Burner Velocity lites 2-1 exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-006 Hard Krome 2-1 Sideburner exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-007 Hard Krome 3" Big Straights exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-008 Vance & Hines Big radius 2-2 exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
M22-013-009 Vance & Hines Big radius 2-1exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter
All Maps

F. Place these maps in a folder on your desktop (call is PCV so its easy to find). You might need to unzip these maps if they are in a zip file.

G. Turn the bike’s key to the on position and Run the Power commander V program on your laptop while attached to the bike via USB.

H. Double check your configuration. Some riders have had dealers do the install and they never configured this properly. Make sure you autotune is enabled and configured properly. See the manual to do this.

I. Select open fuel map and select the map you want. You’ll want a map that was made for pipes that are either the same or similar to the one’s you have. For my LA choppers pipes with airbox mod I selected the Cobra Swepts map since it was the closest.

J. Send this map to the autotune using the send map button.

K. As a precaution I always save a copy of the map I’m using with the date installed so I named mine something like “9-2-09 starting map no trim changes”. You’ll do this with the save map file

L. Next fire the bike up and see if everything is still running well. You should be able to see your RPM and throttle position on the right of your laptop screen.

M. If everything is good close the Power Commander Software and unplug the laptop.

N. Take the bike for a ride.

O. I put 300-400 miles on the bike before messing with the trims. Dynojet assured me that this should enable a solid map to be made. While riding attempt to not engine/gear brake by pulling in the clutch and using your breaks to slow down. This reduces air reversion which the PCV will read as an overly lean condition and will thus richen the maps cells for that throttle position and rpm. Cell location can be identified using throttle position and rpm.

P. Once you’ve ridden enough connect your laptop again and check out your trim table. Most of your cells should say 5% or less. If you have a few (7 or so) that are more it isn’t a problem since we can fix these manually.

Q. Examine your oddball cells (greater than 5%).

R. Check the trim table and write down the coordinates (rpm by throttle position) of any cell that seems out of place. I had 4 cells in a line horizontally around 1200 and then another 3 vertically From 2500 -3000 rpm. All of these except one (-11) showed up as 20's. This suggests I was getting reversion in these coordinates. After writing these coordinants down I went to the AFR table and entered zero into each of these cells. Entering zero makes the cell inactive to trim table changes...and will therefore use the original base AFR from the cobra swepts. I completed this for each of the suspect cells. An alternative is to make these cells the average of the cells around them but if you accept trim changes later it will change them.

S. Then I thought about what Johnnydinla posted in his resister mod to trick the motor post about backfiring and adding the little resister. I talked this out with dynojet and we decided to add 2 or 3% into the zero throttle position from 2000RPM up to max RPM. Doing this should reduced the backfire when you completely let off the throttle quickly which was where I was getting backfiring during decel. (I went with 3%)

T. Send your new map to the bike after making the changes and save it as something like “10-2-09 Trim attempt 1”

U. Test ride your new map. If you like it then keep it. If not ride another 300 trying to prevent air reversion and repeat the above process carefully scrutinizing your trim tables cells.

V. These steps were given to me during a face to face conversation with a power commander rep. We talked about it for about an hour. Following these steps resulted in a map for my raider that is near perfect with great power, reasonable mileage, and very little popping. I might get one per week or so of riding.

W. IMPORTANT NOTE: the autotune is default set up to allow trim changes of up to 20%. If you don’t scrutinize your cells and willy-nilly accept trim changes what happens is it will keep adjusting your AFR by up to 20% for each accepted trim. If you accept your trim 5 times you could end up with a 120% trim change from the base map you started from. If this happens you will likely run extremely rich…symptoms include killing, black smoke from exhaust like a diesel truck, and sputtering. If you get to this point get rid of your map and start over from new.

X. Last, I have not experimented with making maps for both cylenders or making maps by gear. Power Commanders reps have ststed that making a map for each cylinder isn’t very beneficial since the jugs are less than 5% different so one map is sufficient for both. If someone had experimented with these please make a how to.

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As you will see this was written up for Raiders but it should give you guys some
insight as to how to set one up and how they work

CAPT ZOOM from roadstar raider is the author of this write up so feel free
to thank him for his time. If more info is needed let me know and I will post
up the entire thread or just the info he has posted.
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