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Just picked me up a 2015 Yamaha Star Stryker Bullet Cowl with 6,700 miles! Its absolutely beautiful and I love it! My dad just picked up a 2014 Yamaha Star Stryker, it's dark red! My older brother is picking up a 2014 Yamaha Star Stryker right now as I'm writing this; it's dark silver.

So.. you guys will have some new members here! I've been lurking all day at the threads! I have 2 websites, Amazon and EBay all loaded up, saved with parts I'm going to pull the trigger on to make my Stryker unique!

If there is anything you guys suggest etc, let me know! Btw, I'm looking to buy Low and Mean front full fender and radiator cover. I can get it painted, so if someone has these laying around let me know!
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