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I got blown right off the road today by a Mango!!

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I was toolin along today and this " Mango Poster" blew right on by me! I barely seen it coming! Was so quick but I seen some name on there like Schimbo!!! LMAO. You the Man Schim!! GOGOGO!! All in good fun Bro!!!
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Haha i sat here scratching my head like HUH ? then i realized lol. I just wanna be like you. cant you tell by me getting the front fender and the rad scoop like you :) jack daniel theme on the GMG ? naa lol.
The final item will be here saturday (the Radiator Cover) and i will drop it off for paint on monday, should be done that week. Its a blessing that they were never painted tho, because the time gave me a chance to afford the front fender and rad cover and get them painted at the same time rather that having him do it another time.
It's in the schimbo Stryker build thread. I masked off the wheel and tire, sanded the surface a little. Sprayed automotive primer let dry. Sprayed about 3 coats of Go ManGo. And about 3 coats of clear.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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