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I need to win the lottery or get a second or third job!

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The short time I have been on the forums, I have found so many things that I want to do to my bike. But it gets limited really quick with my good ole uncle Sam paycheck. LOL if I were to win the lottery or have a second and third job here is the order of mods:

Buy a bike jack
Pcs lower links
Rear passenger rest (for the "boss")
Straightjackets side mount plate
L&M front fender
Headlight halo
240 Avon
New paint job

Obama needs to give me a big raise so I can do all this stuff! Lmao
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Have patience, my friend. At some point you'll have the money but it won't be as fun as when you're young. May I suggest that you take up bank robbing or dealing drugs so you can make hay while the sun shines. :eek:
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