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I still don't get it

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Every time I get a new issue of Cycle World or Motorcyclist they are raving over the "adventure" bikes. My first bike was a duel purpose Yamaha and, like every compromise, it was not really good at off road or the street. I finally converted it to a dirt bike by removing the turn signals, tach, and other superfluous weight. Then I put on full knobbies with a 21" font wheel and high fender. That was the thing of the day. Oh, also a compression release for descending steep grades without dragging the rear wheel. These so called "adventure" bikes are 500+ lbs with a high seat height and tires that can't be too good on dirt or street. Heaven forbid you drop it in a drainage ditch. So what gives? I'm spoiled with the Stryker's ergonomics and road feel and I don't plan to ride the dirt roads of India, the goat trails of Peru or the Alaskan Highway. If I was, I would get the appropriate ride for the conditions. Kind of like, you don't take a knife to a gun fight. What am I missing ?? ???
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