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I still don't get it

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Every time I get a new issue of Cycle World or Motorcyclist they are raving over the "adventure" bikes. My first bike was a duel purpose Yamaha and, like every compromise, it was not really good at off road or the street. I finally converted it to a dirt bike by removing the turn signals, tach, and other superfluous weight. Then I put on full knobbies with a 21" font wheel and high fender. That was the thing of the day. Oh, also a compression release for descending steep grades without dragging the rear wheel. These so called "adventure" bikes are 500+ lbs with a high seat height and tires that can't be too good on dirt or street. Heaven forbid you drop it in a drainage ditch. So what gives? I'm spoiled with the Stryker's ergonomics and road feel and I don't plan to ride the dirt roads of India, the goat trails of Peru or the Alaskan Highway. If I was, I would get the appropriate ride for the conditions. Kind of like, you don't take a knife to a gun fight. What am I missing ?? ???
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The technology has come along ways, even in the enduro market. Yes they can be heavy if you want a bigger bike, but they also have lighter versions. The suspension,braking,and higher reving motors than the days of old make a lot better bike. There are way more tire options as well. The upright seating position handles very well also, although you wouldn't think so. Their very nimble on the street, but I don't think I'd take a larger version on extreme off road trails?
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