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Illinois here

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I haven't seen anyone in Champaign area yet with another Stryker. Most likely I'll be riding with my old lady on the back, but if you see us give us a shout out.
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Hey all, I'm from Chicago, O'Haire area, what's up? How about that 80 degree weather 2 weeks ago. I loved it. My hypercharger and adapter came in today so I'm taking my bike to the shop tomorrow. My mods will include: Vance and Hines black 2 into 2 big radius, black hyper charger with black adapter, power commander 5 with auto tuner, Low and Mean rear fender led, axel plate bracket and truwrapz fork led smoked. Guys........ can't wait to hear the sound of that new exhaust. I'll try to make a before and after video.
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