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Illinois here

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I haven't seen anyone in Champaign area yet with another Stryker. Most likely I'll be riding with my old lady on the back, but if you see us give us a shout out.
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Welcome from Elgin, IL. Haven't seen any up here for a year now either, although we've certainly seen a bump in new members from The Land of Lincoln. Who knows? Maybe we'll start bumping into each other soon ;)
RobertM said:
Hello from St. Charles , Ill - i bought my Stryker a month ago and i haven't seen any Stryker on the street since then except i just saw one guy on the Styker today - West Chicago area ( IL 64 AND IL 59 ) and when i called to check if my license plates arrived yet - a guy said that they sold 2 Strykers in past month - so i am hoping to see more of these awesome bikes on the streets - cheers
Hey Robert, I'm just over in Elgin. I've had my Raven for a little over a year and haven't seen anyone either. Maybe I'll run into you on Randall or 31 sometime.
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