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Illinois here

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I haven't seen anyone in Champaign area yet with another Stryker. Most likely I'll be riding with my old lady on the back, but if you see us give us a shout out.
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Plainfield, IL. Approximately 40 miles sw of Chicago and I haven't seen any on the road since I bought mine last June. I have 2 dealers nearby so you would think I would see some soon.
I totally agree. I work downtown in Chicago and the weather is definitely different than in the suburbs where I live. Sometimes by the lake it can be a difference of 10 degrees.
Nogard said:
j4patrice said:
I totally agree. I work downtown in Chicago and the weather is definitely different than in the suburbs where I live. Sometimes by the lake it can be a difference of 10 degrees.
My wife is from Mundeline Chicago, that close at all to your area?
That is north of Chicago. I work in Chicago, but live in Plainfield. Plainfield is about 45 minues southwest from Chicago south on I-55.
STRYKER9003 said:
Hey all, I'm from Chicago, O'Haire area, what's up? How about that 80 degree weather 2 weeks ago. I loved it. My hypercharger and adapter came in today so I'm taking my bike to the shop tomorrow. My mods will include: Vance and Hines black 2 into 2 big radius, black hyper charger with black adapter, power commander 5 with auto tuner, Low and Mean rear fender led, axel plate bracket and truwrapz fork led smoked. Guys........ can't wait to hear the sound of that new exhaust. I'll try to make a before and after video.
Lets hope for some more of those nice days soon. Not looking too promising right now. My bike is in the shop waiting to have the Cobra Swepts, Fi2000 PowrFlo and ISO grips installed. I am also waiting for my delivery from L&M of my license plate mod. Hope you have more luck with the shop, mine just had several bikes come in this week, so it probably won't be ready until Tuesday.
Yes, we were, but we want them back.
Twisted said:
I live in the McHenry Illinois area, Met one forum member that lives close by and drove past a second one but didn't have a chance to meet him. I'm on the lookout for Strykers in the area.
I haven't even seen one on the road yet. My hubby and I are talking about riding up to the Fox Lake area sometime soon (when weather permits), maybe going to Freddie's. If we do I will let you know, maybe we can meet. We live about 2 hrs south in Plainfield near I-55 and I-80.
SmokenJOE said:
Anyone ever been to Doyles in Richmond Ill.? Got some great food and fantastic wings. Outs right on Hy 12.
Never been there. I just had to look it up on mapquest. I see it is up by the WI border. Hope some of us IL riders can get together someday. :)
I really wish I was going to be around this weekend, since it looks like it will be great weather. But I am going to Louisville, KY to the KY Derby. Party weekend! :p I am a little upset, since I won't get to ride this weekend. Maybe Monday when I am still off from work. :) I might even get a little ride in tomorrow before my hubby gets home. ;)
Twisted said:
Nogard said:
Agree. Showing Tstorms all weekend for Champaign area. I'd love to meet up with all the forum members in Illinois... .just not in Chicago!
I agree, I'm not a fan of the Chicago traffic. I don't think i would even attempt to ride there, People are crazy there
I live here and totally agree how crazy they are. I can say that, because I am not from IL. ;D I am from VA. I would be up for riding south some day. Maybe we can meet somewhere in between. The hubby and I have been looking for places to ride because we don't ride into the city. We like to cruise and take back roads.
RobertM said:
Hello from St. Charles , Ill - i bought my Stryker a month ago and i haven't seen any Stryker on the street since then except i just saw one guy on the Styker today - West Chicago area ( IL 64 AND IL 59 ) and when i called to check if my license plates arrived yet - a guy said that they sold 2 Strykers in past month - so i am hoping to see more of these awesome bikes on the streets - cheers
I was up in that area just a couple weeks ago. I am in Plainfield and get up around the Naperville area a lot. I have had my bike since June 2011 and I still haven't seen another Stryker on the road yet. I know they are here, but they must be hiding.
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