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Illinois here

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I haven't seen anyone in Champaign area yet with another Stryker. Most likely I'll be riding with my old lady on the back, but if you see us give us a shout out.
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Hope so! That would be great. Any good Diners you have up there that would be a good rest stop?
Loving the Illinois representation. Too bad more aren't near Champaign! Terrified to ride it in Chicago traffic, not going to lie ><.
Wish our state would make up it's mind on weather... 43 this morning was a bit too cold to ride into work :(.
j4patrice said:
I totally agree. I work downtown in Chicago and the weather is definitely different than in the suburbs where I live. Sometimes by the lake it can be a difference of 10 degrees.
My wife is from Mundeline Chicago, that close at all to your area?
wife and I took a beautiful ride out to Tuscola yesterday. She still wants a backrest mod installed, but other than that it was a beautiful ride.
BURRR... leaving for work at 6:40 and it still being 30s... no fun :(.

We all were spoiled here about 2 weeks back with amazing upper 70s weather.
Well last month just sucked for most riding. Everyone ok from the Tornados yesterday? I had 2 different sets of sirens going off in about an hour stretch yesterday.(between 3:30 - 4:30)
Agree. Showing Tstorms all weekend for Champaign area. I'd love to meet up with all the forum members in Illinois... .just not in Chicago!
47 or Route 66 goes up towards chicago I think. I've never taken 47 on the bike yet, i used to hate it due to all the slow traffic and semis... but a stryker cruise could be enjoyable :).
We seem to have a very decent amount of people in Illinois - aka Chicago. We should def have a rally of sorts this summer / fall?
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