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Illinois here

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I haven't seen anyone in Champaign area yet with another Stryker. Most likely I'll be riding with my old lady on the back, but if you see us give us a shout out.
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Nogard - that is a good idea - we should do that .

SouthSideStryker - i did not rain for the most part of the day - did You rode Your new Stryker ? - by the way, Welcome ( You will like this bike a lot - at least i do :)
I live in nw indiana right outside illinois and I haven't seen any strykers yet and I love it!
Fantastic Rally coming up soon. Check it out. It's a blast and lots of good rides, including mine. War Memorial ride.
Took the bike for a quick ride yesterday morning. Felt good to back on two wheels. Going out riding with a buddy in a few minutes. So far so good, and the compliments I've received, even from my neighbors, have been nothing but positive.
Put about 40 miles on the bike yesterday. Awesome machine.
A group of friends is doing a little 4th of July Ride at 10AM. We are meeting at the Starbucks at the Streets of Woodfield. The address is 601 North Martingale Road Schaumburg, IL 60173. Anyone is welcome to ride with us. Just make sure you are there before 10AM, as they are leaving then.

Proabably should have put where we are going :p We are going to ride out west on 20. Possibly to Marengo. I may go farther, we'll see how my back feels. :)
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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