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Image resizing

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If I link to to external site for pics, will the forum automatically resize to a clickable, resizable image when viewed? With vBulletin hosted forums, I can just use [bimg] as the prefix instead of http://, but that doesn't work here.

I see that I can add the height=xxx width=xxx to the image line, but would prefer not to have to do that unless there's no other way.
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I'm not really sure what you mean.....
The pics of your slip on in the other thread came thru OK

And here's a test pic to see if I can link to a large picture (which may just be wasting bandwidth, if thats possible with a picture of a Raven), since I usually just link the photo's from my Stryker gallery....

ETA: Seems whatever you did in the Slip on photo may have worked better, small and visible but when you click on yours it gets bigger.......So....You know more than me....
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