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Integrated Turn/Taillamp

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I just ordered an Integrated Tail lite/Turn signal unit. Will have this weekend and install& post pics. Has anyone else here on the forum done this mod yet?
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Is it made specifically for the stryker?
Do u then just take out the turn lamps and trim the plastic arms off? I know, dumb question.....I've got lots of them ;)
How much refund?

Dang this guy is probably sorry he started this thread...lmao
Me too ;D

I can't wait to get rid of those rear turns. Already got rid of the rest of that junk back there except the tail and plate.

I'm gonna keep my plate behind the seat....on the side just looks weird to me, unbalanced.
So clar2001....let me get this right. The R-1 cover fits the stock lamp exactly? If so, that's great. That will save me some $!!
Hey clar, how did you mount the light to the fender? I can't tell from your pics.
I have a brand new Kawa light if anyone is interested...I'll sell it for less than the ebay price. Bought it then decided to go with the chromeglow led strip instead.
Finally got mine done. Thought it turned out pretty good. Used the R1 light and it's quite bright with good distinctive signals. Easy to switch out once you get the cover off the R1 and stock light. Mounted the light using the original bracket, just trimmed it where it can't be seen. Cut the metal bracket down to mount the plate. Was gonna go with the led strip but not really a good way that I could figure out to mount it. Used the led turn wraps for the front forks. Really cleans up the overall look of the bike. No more lollipop turn signals..... ;D


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I liked the R1 light execpt for havin to switch covers....pain in the ass. turned out nice tho
Gator8 said:
immortal13 said:
I liked the R1 light execpt for havin to switch covers....pain in the ass. turned out nice tho
Why do you need to switch covers...my R1 went right in..they are in fact the same housing. Just trying to understand this one.
Yeah it would fit but the shape of the cover is concave, like an eaten piece of watermellon. If you were to mount it flush up against the fender the corners would stick out.

Michael, there should be plenty of em on ebay. Mine cost 9.99 plus shipping
fwiw, I'm not downing the performanceedge.us folks mentioned earlier in this thread, but their price is $245 less your core refund to send in your stock light. It seems likely to me they are simply switching covers with these R1 lights. The guy I talked to on the phone when I first decided to do this mod told me they "rewire" them. No way this is even possible.....the leds for the turns are not in the stock light. So, basically, they're doing the same thing I did for an extra $220 or so..... :eek:
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