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Hello? Anyone else in or near Iowa here?
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Twin Cities here. There would be some good riding down the MN/WI/IA border towards Dubuque.
bekohlko said:
I live in Fond du Lac, WI. We should plan a ride for sometime next summer. LaCrosse is a pretty central location. And with the bluffs and the river, you can't ask for better scenery in the area.
That would be great as long as you dont mind me bringing along a Harley rider or two. Maybe a Victory as well. We go through Prescott down past diamond Bluff and down in to Red Wing quite often. A nice quick day ride.
It really sucks only being able to look at your bike sitting in the garage screaming "ride me!"
bekohlko said:
It really sucks only being able to look at your bike sitting in the garage screaming "ride me!"
I parked mine in a garage 2 hours away from me... Now all I have to look at is my speedo face that I can't wait to install and my list of parts that I want to buy but don't have the money for!

Just throwing this out to you guys..June 8-10, 2012 a group of Raider riders are planning on meeting up around the Black Hills...probably Sturgis...right now we have riders from Fl (me), TN, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa and SD planning on attending. When the location and hotel info is available if interested the info will be posted. You're more than welcome to join us!!
That definitely sounds like a good time!
I would be game for that ride if everything shapes up and I can meet up with some people leaving the cities.

I'm lucky enough to have space in my garage to store mine. Plus I have a few things that I need to get installed before the spring. I just bought the twin slash staggered exhaust and lowering connectors. I got the fi2000 installed last week. It was torture starting up up. It will be even worse once I get the exhaust on then take the battery out. Hopefully I will get around to a few more mods throughout the winter.
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