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Irate radiator grill

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i just bought a used irate radiator grill and just wanted to check on how to mount it. it has 2 bolt holes on the top that match up but nothing for the bottom. the stock one is a rubber grommet mount, does anybody know how to mount the bottom?

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Got my grill, painted it black and installed aluminum mesh behind it. Used adhesive backed Velcro to hold bottom of cover to radiator.

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Nice look with those Lindbars! Good Job!
Thanks 11stryker I was pretty happy with the outcome.

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Looks sharp! SO, you guys havent had any issues with these staying place? If not, I dont see why I should wait on them to make one for the Stryker.
Yeah no issues. The two screws on top line up with the radiator and I used adhesive backed Velcro on the bottom.

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Awesome! They must be getting popular. The one I was watching on ebay has been sold out! LOL
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