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Is It Just Me Or Are Van Drivers The Worst

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Is it just me or are people who drive vans the worst drivers on the road for us bikers. It seems every close call I get is some **** driving a van. :mad: Just last ride another van pulled out in front of me and I swear they were looking right at me. Luckily I thought the **** head would do that so I was able to stop. Every van I see I expect them to do that, probably because the one crash I was in was with a lady driving a van. She pulled a U Turn from the shoulder in front of me from a stopped position. You know what she said to me after I pulled my bike out of the side of her van....wait for it..... She said she had the right of way because she had her turn signal on" By the way she didn't and the cars who were behind me told her that. :eek:
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**** yeah, I too have had similar issues with vans and those dam things put off some kind of funky wind turbulence too, I hate getting stuck behind those dam things, I think the reason the drivers are so bad as they are usually hauling around 10 kids and the last thing they can pay attention to is the road or anybody around them
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