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"Is that a HxxxxY?

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We were at local Food Drive-In tonight gettin ready to leave and an elderly guy was parked next to us with a Dressed HD. We talked about how great the riding was today and he told us he just bought his bike a few days ago. So to get to the point- as we were ready to pull out he said he liked my bike because it would not need so much polishing due to not having much chrome, and then said "that is a HD right? I said no its a Yamaha Star Stryker! He just gaulked in disbelief!!! Lol, and we just left him wondering what the ****!!!
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I went to the local Harley shop on Saturday and one of the sales guys walked by and said "Thats a sharp bike. Is it a Victory?" I said "Nope, Yamaha." He walked all around it and looked it over and said again that it was a good looking bike. I said thanks and rode out of the parking lot with a couple of other harley riders looking hard at the Stryker. Made me feel good! 8)
I guess I shouldn't act like a little kid, but I cant help it :p
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