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"Is that a HxxxxY?

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We were at local Food Drive-In tonight gettin ready to leave and an elderly guy was parked next to us with a Dressed HD. We talked about how great the riding was today and he told us he just bought his bike a few days ago. So to get to the point- as we were ready to pull out he said he liked my bike because it would not need so much polishing due to not having much chrome, and then said "that is a HD right? I said no its a Yamaha Star Stryker! He just gaulked in disbelief!!! Lol, and we just left him wondering what the ****!!!
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Yes...I'm noticing the torque difference in this bike compared to my Harleys... They now seem very sluggish at take off compared to this bike... Once you're cruising, then they both have power but once you twist the throttle, the Stryker blows away Harley any day. Believe it or not, though...the Sportster 1200 has quick response so that's up there with my bike.. but the big baggers don't take off the way I'd prefer compared to this bike!
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