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It's been awhile...but got the Stryker.

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It's been awhile but I got the Stryker...love the bike especially puttin' along the backroads...I kept the Road Warrior. BEFORE I bought I test rode the Raider....It has awesome power but when I got to the twisites I felt my times through the tight stuff was actually better with the Stryker...sooooo here I am puttin' around the Santa Cruz mountains on my copper-colored Stryker
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The WARRIOR'S an '09 and I love the bike. From what I understand the Warrior did great from '02 to about '07 then sales dropped to the point where Yamaha dropped the model around '09. People either love'em or hate'em...If you get one DON'T try'n make it into a Harley. With either the RoadSmart 200mm 50 17 OR the Pilot Road 2 190 55 17 it'll corner like it's on rails (friends that have Warriors that've gone to wider tires have gone back back because of cornering)....Which is why I chose the STRYKER (lighter and a shorter wheelbase) over the RAIDER (although the Raider's a monster on the straights)...The Santa Cruz Mountains have 'lots' of twisties which is where I do 99% of my riding...PEACE RIDE SAFE
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