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bekohlko said:
Is that just a rattle can job?!? Looks Great! Did you sand it all down first or just paint straight over? Also did you remove the tank graphic first?
its not rattle can. it a one step enamel. it has hardner in it and its durable. I did the gas gap first and wiped it several times with Gasoline after it had dried a day and it was fine, I couldnt tell I had put gas on it at all.

I sanded the decal off and had to primer the tank to fill in places where I sanded to much. sanded everything with 600 grit and painted it . let it sit for a day and put it all back together.

Also lowered it 2 inches.

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Way to go Jon!! This forum is so cool with all the ideas and differences of personal tastes. Great Job Jon!!
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