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J4patrice Stryker Build

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Well its been over a year since I purchased my Stryker and I am ready to do some real customization. Some of this things I have done so far--

Low & Mean taillight mod along with Radiantz integrated license plate holder
Cobra Swept pipes
Cobra ProFlo Air Intake
Cobra Fi200 w/CVT Technology
Cobra Radiator Cover
Yamaha Engine Guards
Kurykan Iso Grips
Kurykan Swing Wings
Boulevard windshield with 17" Rifle replacement shield
Demon Cycle Aspen Z mirrors
PCS Lowering Links
Yamaha upper chrome belt guard
Yamaha short quick-release backrest

Yesterday, my hubby and I dismantled my Stryker in preparation for its new look. Spent an hour with the painter today discussing my theme. Looks like 4-6 weeks since I was lucky enough to get in before the other 6 bikes he is planning to work on.

So here are a couple pictures. When I first brought it home and what it looked like before dismantling. And of course my current state of nakedness (the bike that is) ;).

Stay tuned for the pictures of the finished project. Maybe a few progress pics. 8)

First picture of bike--

Currently after mods --

My Naked Stryker --
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The excitement is building!!
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