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Well its been over a year since I purchased my Stryker and I am ready to do some real customization. Some of this things I have done so far--

Low & Mean taillight mod along with Radiantz integrated license plate holder
Cobra Swept pipes
Cobra ProFlo Air Intake
Cobra Fi200 w/CVT Technology
Cobra Radiator Cover
Yamaha Engine Guards
Kurykan Iso Grips
Kurykan Swing Wings
Boulevard windshield with 17" Rifle replacement shield
Demon Cycle Aspen Z mirrors
PCS Lowering Links
Yamaha upper chrome belt guard
Yamaha short quick-release backrest

Yesterday, my hubby and I dismantled my Stryker in preparation for its new look. Spent an hour with the painter today discussing my theme. Looks like 4-6 weeks since I was lucky enough to get in before the other 6 bikes he is planning to work on.

So here are a couple pictures. When I first brought it home and what it looked like before dismantling. And of course my current state of nakedness (the bike that is) ;).

Stay tuned for the pictures of the finished project. Maybe a few progress pics. 8)

First picture of bike--

Currently after mods --

My Naked Stryker --
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I'm sure it will be really sharp once completed. You color choice is my oldest daughter's favorite. And the rest of the forum will have to wait for that info unless you want to divulge!

In the meantime it looks sort of bobberish...
If we get Indian Summer you just have to get the seat mounted so we can ride. You have a gallon in the reserve. Might be tricky to refill at the pump but I'm sure Steve can cobble something together:)
j4patrice said:
Added a new (L&M) mod yesterday. And a new Yamaha mod is partially installed. What you ask? Its a surprise... 8)

Will be revealed when the paint job is complete. Sorry....the little devil in me made me do this. LOL ;D
OK Patrice, sure men like to be teased but this is going too far. At least give us some clues so we can guess!!
And, hey, are you and Steve up for a ride Saturday? I know it wouldn't be perfect since 2-up but heck its going to be 65+ on Nov 10th so you have to get out and ride. I'm guessing I'll see a lot of bikes.
j4patrice said:
Billy, you are tough. Ok one mod will make it brighter the other is just for looks. Is that enough of a hint?

I will talk to Steve tonight about riding some tomorrow and let you know. Riding [email protected]#ch is just a teaser for me. I could do it, but would prefer to ride myself. Still may talk to our Raider friend, unless he wants to ride.
OK I'll guess that one is a HID light. If so lets see pics once done since I'm eyeing this mod myself. As for the other "looks" one I'm unsure and saw some of the old ordered pieces so don't want to give anything away. I'm sure in the end it'll be really cool looking. Sad to see a copper go away but the color you have chosen will be very cool and unique on a Stryker!
Nogard said:
Frying a turkey tomorrow, billy / steve / patrice are welcome to join :)
Hey thanks for the offer but have to get some stuff done around here in the AM so probably hard to make it back-n-forth to your place. Wish you and Amanda were closer :(
Was out this afternoon and was great till the sun went down... Tomorrow is supposed to be even better and just has to be the last day since I cannot see decent temps into late November around here. Was like 2 weeks since the last ride so great to get out and she ran like a champ. I guess winter will have to be about house chores and modding dreams...

Have not done a fried turkey yet but have heard great things. Then of course you have the idiots that burn their houses down because they cannot follow directions. Darwinian Theory there if you ask me!
j4patrice said:
Stopped by the painters shop to get a peek at the progress. Got to see the color. Loving it! ;D Should start artwork in a couple days. Says its may be done in a week and a half. Not sure though, he has a lot of projects going. That's why I waited for riding season to be over. Unfortunately, we have had some really nice days that I could have rode. But you never know. Patient, I must be patient because I can't ride until the spring anyway. :(
With the recent weather you must be dying. We were in Bloomington for a sporting event last weekend and every time I say a bike I cried a small tear. Even though I stored her for winter I'm sure I would have dragged her out for 70 degrees!!
And once it's all together you have to take it for a ride to make sure everything is good. Its a little cold now so maybe down to the mailbox and back :D
Cannot wait to see it in person. Might have to swing by over winter since our next ride is too far in the future. And the last one didn't exactly go as planned... Bet you'll put your bike all the way in the garage next time if rain threatens ;D

I knew his work was good from that air cover at Rich's but still this was way more than I expected. Merry Xmas!!
Stopped by last night and saw it in person. Very impressive. With Patrice/Steve's input the painter did an incredible job. Very talented guy so anyone looking for some work in our area, contact Patrice for his info.

BTW, I feel for those who run against her for SOTM. Only thing that will stand a chance is another custom paint or a custom build like wolf's bobber on the Raider site :)

On a totally selfish note, now there is one less copper Stryker to ride with. I love the copper but we just had too many riding together! I still really like the blue. That seems to be the rarest.
Nice. Any billet items left??

I'm assuming Steve used an impact this time. Did he rent, borrow or get a shiny new tool to go along with your shiny part?
I am still looking for the billet axel nut covers. He used a braker bar and a bar through the wheel to block it. Worked like a charm. :nod:
The wheel part would worry me. I just had a helper hold the rear brake... But the impact wrench is less forceful then a breaker bar.
I'm a self-admitted tool *****. Between my neighbor and I we have many options.
He's the guy who is lengthening my shifter rod for the 2" controls. Doing it myself would have been tougher. He can get it done at work where they have ever BETTER tools :)
Tried just holding the rear brake the first time and it wouldn't budge.
Makes sense. That's where the powerful but short raps of the impact wrench come in handy :)

Pretty must unrelated but I also have an impact screwdriver that I used to build my pool deck. I have a "few" cordless drills, admitted tool junkie, but the cordless impact driver is my #1 choice. It makes a racket but while delivering 800+ pounds of force it doesn't try and separate your hand from your wrist like a normal drill/driver does. The other tools are now pretty much doing drill duty only :( Plus the older ones aren't lithium-ion so they are heavier. My 12 volt l-ion drills do a fine job and weigh a feather compared to their predecessors. If I were in construction I'd probably go w/ the 18 volt models but those guys are working long days and sometimes have little to no access to AC power so they need the bigger boys.
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