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Jeff281 Stryker Build

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I want to announce that my 2011 Star Stryker has been in a custom shop getting a small batwing faring, Hardstreet Saddle bags and both will be factory match as far as paint goes, and some other custom work for the past 3 to 4 weeks. I am supposed to pick it up sometime towards the end of this week. I will post pictures of the work done and a description of the other custom work done as soon as I can... I want to thank everyone on the Stryker forum for answering my questions about modifications that I wanted to make. I took all of the information that I gathered from this forum and when I post the pictures of my Stryker you will see what I am talking about. Thanks to you all.... 8)
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I will post pictures just as soon as I get the bike back from shop.....
I am picking up my bike Wednesday after I get off work. I plan on posting pic of my "New" Stryker that night.
Went by the custom shop to check on the progress of my "New" Stryker It looks great they adding a few things for me such as the custom dynamics integrated tail light and just few other little things that you won't be able to see from a picture. I am going to bring her home Wednesday afternoon so I will post pics soon....
Just posted pics to the gallery as soon as they are approved you will see a nice looking Star Stryker in my opinion. Now maybe I might get a nomination for Stryker of the month but if not that's ok too.... ??? ???
Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comliments on my bike...I do want say that I learned a lot from reading this forum and seeing all the modifications everyone has made. I thank all of you for teaching me about what can and can not be done to our Strykers.... 8)
Loos nice. What is that on the left side of your engine?
Its my wolo horn with a Masonic cover I picked up

Also, thanks for all the nice compliments on my Stryker they are appreciated!!!
Sledhead44 said:
Bike looks awesome! I was searching for pics of blue Strykers with the Low and Mean chin and the Yami chrome engine guards. This is what I want to do to mine. Did you have to do anything special to get them to work together? Did you have to cut out part of the chin to get the center bar of the engine guard to fit? I can't really tell from the pics.
The center bar on the engine guard was cut off.
Sledhead44 said:
OK, Thanks! I was seeing some chrome behind the lower part of the chin grill, so I thought you may have found a way to keep the engine guard in one piece. The chrome I saw must be something else, or my eyes are playing tricks on me.

That's really cool to read about all you have learned on the forum, because now I am making your bike the reference point for my build.
Thanks for your compliment. If you look at the engine gaurd they have two bolts that bolt right into the frame of the bike. So it has plenty of support. Good luck with your build. Just so you know I am already making plans on a few minor modifications like new mirrors, new stereo for my faring, and heated grips to name a few....
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