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Just Bought...

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Yesterday I bought ISO Grips (chrome with black), Trident Bar End mirrors and Mini ISO Wing pegs, the only problem is that even though I paid $50 for 2 day shipping and the company's website indicated that all parts were in stock, I get an email telling me that the mirrors are on back order and won't be in for 3-6 days. :mad:

I asked for a refund on the $50 2 day shipping and was informed that if I did that then the parts would ship USPS ground. REALLY? :eek:

If you purchase something and pay for expedited shipping what are your expectations? I checked the site to ensure that all parts were in stock, I made the purchase before 9:30 am PCT (where the business is I think) so the expectation was delivery Saturday or Monday at the latest. They wouldn't even send the parts they had (not that it would do any good since it was the mirrors out of stock) with a follow up of 2 days shipping on the remaining part.

I may have misunderstood the Customer Service Rep which is why I'm not pasting their name anywhere here (read I'm venting because I'm impatient), but I don't think so.

But pics will follow once I get them on the bike.
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I ordered something over the weekend. Figured it might take about a week to get here. I keep checking for shipping updates, and can't find anything. Finally after digging a little further in their website, I find a little notice that they will be closed for mid year inventory from the 1st to the 8th. I think that should of been made clear before the parts were ordered. I ordered from them because they were a few $$ cheaper. I would have paid the few extra dollars to have it by now. So far best luck and shipping times has been Leather up.
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