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Just laid her down for the 1st time!!!!

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So, here in Kansas we are having awesome riding weather. I rode to Cheney Lake on this beautiful Friday, and I guess I got caught up in the sight seeing. I stopped, left signal, notice sand on the ground, proceeded slowly, and BAM, my rear tire got out from under me on the right, I thought I corrected, but next thing I know I was airborne (only for a few miniseconds) and my baby was eating gravel and dirt.

BLUF (Army talk: Bottom Line Up Front), at only 359 miles, I have a dent in my gas tank on the right side, couple of Kruger scratches on my pipes, and I had to ride home with my right rear/side view pointing to the ground. Disappointed because I didn't get my 400 miles today. Trying to get that 600 service before the true winter weather hits the Flatlands.

The dent in the gas tank looks like someone threw a junk of road at it and the metal's showing, but thank God, no puncture. Any advise and suggestions of the most economical way to repair it. I have no tools or experience in body/paint work.

Tanks in advance!!!
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Sorry to hear you laid your bike down but glad to hear pride and a tank are the only issues ... and that is just the reason we don't ride here before the streets are swept. No matter how careful you are, the gravel can bite back.
SFCMcGan said:
a thousand things can go right... but just 1 thing needs to go wrong! sand and gravel cause the most stupid accidents. Glad to hear you are OK... think of it like this... your bike wanted you to Mod it... it was just letting you know!
lol ... that's taking a positive from the situation.
Toby said:
Now would be a good time to remove the decals from the tank if you want. If you are familiar with painting and can't afford a paint job you can get rattle cans with good enough tips to do a good job. And or practice a bit on metal surfaces first. Drain the gas remove the tank and go for it. Bondo is cheep. When we bough the old Virago it had a dent in the side and was pretty beat up. So I rattle caned it and the wife hand painted a metallic gold Pegasus on both sides. Then I clear coated it with a rattle can. Here is some before and afters.
That is a great paint job Toby - rattle can or not
.................plus I've had way toooooooo much tequilla....I'm glad the damage was minimal and you didn't hurt anything but your pride.
Just so we have an understanding for June - you and the missus can drink tequila - I want NO part of that ;D
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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