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Just laid her down for the 1st time!!!!

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So, here in Kansas we are having awesome riding weather. I rode to Cheney Lake on this beautiful Friday, and I guess I got caught up in the sight seeing. I stopped, left signal, notice sand on the ground, proceeded slowly, and BAM, my rear tire got out from under me on the right, I thought I corrected, but next thing I know I was airborne (only for a few miniseconds) and my baby was eating gravel and dirt.

BLUF (Army talk: Bottom Line Up Front), at only 359 miles, I have a dent in my gas tank on the right side, couple of Kruger scratches on my pipes, and I had to ride home with my right rear/side view pointing to the ground. Disappointed because I didn't get my 400 miles today. Trying to get that 600 service before the true winter weather hits the Flatlands.

The dent in the gas tank looks like someone threw a junk of road at it and the metal's showing, but thank God, no puncture. Any advise and suggestions of the most economical way to repair it. I have no tools or experience in body/paint work.

Tanks in advance!!!
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Sorry to hear you laid her down today. Hope only your pride was the only thing injured. I too took advantage of the 70 degrees today in North Texas and had a great ride. Just rolled over 600 miles. Good luck on getting your bike back to normal.
Just take 'em slow and easy when I see the sand or gravel. :eek:
OUCH! that hurts my pride...
That is a good idea. Like reconstructing an accident scene and making determination of contributing factors. Oops sorry, the Police Officer coming back out. Except I was one of the cool cops.
souljaboi6, I am sure you have already thought of it. It came to me a minute ago, to make sure your tires are not over inflated making them hard.
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