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2014 Yamaha Stryker.
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Hello all, I finally found my dream Stryker about a month ago, she's a '14 model, V&H pipes, PC5, and I believe the front [sprocket? ] is down 1 notch...
I've put a little over 800mi on her so far, and I'm coming up on the 4k service.
My question is this: while I've ridden for many years, I've never owned a big bore Vtwin. I know that the regular maintenence includes checking to make sure the vibrations don't rattle anything loose. I tried the search, and FAQ sections, but didn't see anything that looked like a checklist of sorts to look at. If there's one that I've missed, would someone link me to it? Or is there somewhere I could download a pdf to consult? Are there common areas that I should focus on or do I literally go over the entire bike testing every exposed screw, nut, and bolt? Are there some that aren't exposed that I should regularly check? And how often do I need to do the check?
Loving the ride so far, want to keep her in good shape. "An ounce of prevention"... and all that...
Thanks for any input or suggestions you may think of.

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