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Kuryakin Pegs

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Thinking about picking up the Kuryakin Trident pegs or the wings. Anyone have either one? Whats you opinions?
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I have the ISO wings. I like them. Gives a pretty big area for your foot. I found the chrome ones for cheap, so I powder coated them black. I think they sell gloss black ones too. They sit a little higher than the swing wings I had, but you can still scrape them. I have only scraped them once, and my swing wings I scraped several times a ride.


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Those ISO wings look pretty sweet I have the black ISO grips they would match pretty well.
I have the Zombie grips, so was going to get the Zombie pegs, but I like the larger area of the wings. I need to get my brake lever arm powder coated. Just seems like a ***** to take off. When I do that, I will be getting new shift pegs too, probably go with the Zombies.. LOL
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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