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I know that there is a thread with a write up on how to install the intake. This is basically my thoughts on the hyper charger. If you are new haven't see the install look here. http://www.yamahastarstryker.com/index.php/topic,835.0.html

The Pros are: Easy to install
Keeps the aggressive look of the Stryker
The performance increase is very noticeable, especially in higher RPMs.
The engine seems to work less during acceleration. I was 80 mph before I knew it
It also seems to run better at low speeds.

The Cons: A bit pricey for what I think is an incomplete kit. It should come with the vacuum line and gaskets.
The adapter plate needs be modded for the air cleaner housing to sit flush.
The white plastic elbow for hose in the back of the air cleaner
The intake butterflies don't seem to work very well. I think that they should be set to the closed position when the engine is off and open during acceleration. I had them connected for a little while, but ended up disconnecting them. I will definatly re-attack that issue at later date...lol..

Do I regret this purchase.. NO, NOT AT ALL!!! Outstanding upgrade and I would recommend this.

Hope this helps and please chime in if you have additional pros and cons.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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