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Kuryakyn Mini Floor Boards

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I'm looking at options for floor boards & was wondering if anyone has the Kuryakyn mini boards or any input on them. I found them w/ the adapters for under $100 on ebay.

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I use the Mini-Boards as a replacement for my main front pegs, and I love them. So much more support then the OEM pegs, but small enough to not look stupid or get in the way.

Word to the wise... Get the splined board adapters that are for the rear passenger pegs. I've installed both models that Kuryakyn makes for the Stryker front pegs, and neither one of them allow the mini-boards to sit straight.
Yeah, sorry I wasn't too clear about that. I'm using the 8818 adapters up front. They come with set screws to make the boards solid, but I just leave them out. The splined edge that allow you to rotate them 360 work fine.

For some reason, both the 8814 and 8826 adapters that use the stock spring, don't allow the board to sit correctly at 90 degrees. So basically, with your feet straight on the boards, your toes would be pointing out at approximately 10 and 2 o'clock.

I contacted Kuryakyn directly, and they recommended I use the 8818 adapters and leave out the set screws to leave them flexible if I happen to drag.

Hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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