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Kuryakyn - Stiletto / Stirrups

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I noticed a few threads, but I want to 100% get these parts correct.

I want to buy the Kuryakyn Stiletto Pegs and Stirrups.

So i'll buy ONE of following:
4475Stiletto Pegs, H-D Style Male
4481Stiletto Stirrups (pr)
8810 Front Peg Adapters (pr)

When it says (PR), does that mean per? As I need to buy 2 sets of these? I noticed Gravitas did some machine work for the shifter and brake.. If i don't do that, can i just buy - 4029 Shift & Brake Pedal Cover (ea)
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My Son put those covers on his pegs and was not overly impressed. Rubber wants to squeeze out from chrome and moves easilt on peg when installed.
Ok - so skip making the shifter/break match exactly and leave them stock? Any other help with making sure i got the figures correct would be great.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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