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I'll start out by saying that I tried to find a review or pics on how these mirrors were on the bike and was not able to find any pics or write ups on them so my apologies in advance to anyone that has already do so.
Install was about as easy as blinking your eyes, there really isn't much to this. For the ones that are afraid of doing anything to their bike or have never wrenched I would suggest this as a very easy task to start on. Just be mindful of your tank and other painted surfaces of your bike. The factory mirror to the right ***sitting on your bike*** is REVERSED threaded just as an fyi.
I Couldn't stand the factory mirrors and having wide shoulders doesn't help much either being 5'9''. So I bought the trident bar end mirrors. Huge improvement in being able to see behind me, I don't really have move at all other than bend my wrist down a little, for those of you who wounder if you block the mirrors with your arms while riding, my arms cuts off maybe a 1/4 of the mirror closets to the bike itself. You have ample enough mirror to see if there is someone behind you while riding and in a relaxed position. They are also a big improvement as far as blind spots ( I personally have not found one yet but I try to keep the angled enough to see the upper half of the headlights of cars behind me ) the clarity on them is awesome and a huge upgrade vs stock mirrors. Honestly you can probably get away with ordering just one but my ocd to body lines overrode and punched my wallet buying the second one. They are kind of steep in price (for me at least) but I believe that it's an investment in safety. I bought one originally from ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/400417631587?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p398. free shipping is the pro and the con is "ok" on the time of delivery. The second one I bought from Deniskirk.com $8.00 roughly for shipping. Hope this will help someone at sometime.

*****before anyone asks if I have tried them pointed down the answer is yes, and that is a no go your arm will be in the way 100% of the time but maybe someone will find a way to mod them to extend how low the mirror sits*****


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