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L&M smooth rear fender, and taillight?

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OK guys and gals this is a two part question.

1. For the people that have done this mod I'm curious on your likes and dislikes of this fender?

2. I'm obviously considering changing mine up again and going with the smooth stlye rear fender(I really like the looks of their last black Stryker!)If I do this the back end of my bike will be up for grabs, so if anyone is interested in my sissybar, LMK it was built for the stock rear fender without struts so I'll be making a new one. If there's interest I may also be willing to let the fender go and possibly my first set of bars, as I'm changing up the riding position as well.

I'll put up some fresh pics of it when I'm home.
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Only drawback is no way to install a sissy bar without drilling holes in the side of the fender
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